About {H} creatives

Hi and thank you for stopping by my photoblog.

I'm an aspiring photographer and would not classify myself as a pro by any stretch of the imagination as I am continuously learning this craft. [Although my dream is to start my own business someday, maybe in event photography]. Photography is definitely one of my passions...especially when capturing people and their emotions. It is simply a divine privilege to be able to harness these moments that cannot be repeated ever again!

Like most of us who were caught up in the digital revolution of photography in the late 20th century, I found myself rekindled by a fire similar to when I first held my Pentax 35 mm [a hand-me-down from my dad]. I now use Nikon products but picks up my Kodak DC40 from time to time for nostalgic reasons.

I welcome all of the comments and feedback that this community can give to better my techniques and appreciate the time that you've given in doing so. Some of you have been most kind in providing great encouraging words...those are welcomed, too.

The inspiration I received from this community thus far is just tremendous and there are lots of creativity and talent represented here! Each of you have become a part of what I call my "Inspiration Circle." Drop me a comment and I will surely come by your photoblog. B-)