Fatherhood - A Divine Privilege

Posted by {H} creatives (San Francisco Bay Area, United States) on 17 June 2007 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

Again, thank you so much for all of your kind comments and encouraging words on this series and my p-blog. I continue to be inspired as I visit your p-blogs in return. p.s. sorry for not responding to your comments yet on my previous post, but I will.

This will be the last installment of a series that was originally urged by a p-blogger friend, Simon, on my previous blog. (Thanks, chum!)

Fatherhood have so far taught me unconditional love, helped me appreciate this miracle called life, opened up the meaning of "to serve" , showed me how to practice grace, urged me to be still and know that someone is watching over me, and to work hard and play hard.

But most of all, fatherhood has taught me not to take anything in this world for granted. That to be a father is a divine privilege. It made me realize that every good thing comes from above, and every second that we can live out this life with our friends and family -

every breath,
every moment,
every joy,
every laughter,
every tear,
every love,
every vision,
every dream,
every cry,
every smile

- every one is to be cherished. And being able to capture these moments through these instruments that we love called the camera, and harness them so that we can share them, that, I believe, is a miracle in its own.

May you, friends, continue to capture, cherish and share the blessed moments of your life.

To all fellow dads: Happy Father's Day! Cheers...

Nikon D100
1/45 second
50 mm


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