Julia - Seraphim of Life

Posted by {H} creatives (San Francisco Bay Area, United States) on 11 January 2009 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

My Dear Friends of the Inspiration Circle,

As we begin our second week of the new year, I wanted to wish all of you a prosperous and blessed 2009. It has been a time of reflection for me...a time of contemplation...a time of introspection. Looking back in 2008 is difficult - quite possibly the most difficult time of my life. Many have asked, "How is it that you were able to go through it all?" - the very question that I asked myself many times over. I am certain that I was able go through the challenges not of my own will and strength - and I am even more sure that there is some force of divinity that sustained me and carried me. There is an old saying from the Book of Old that rang true in my head: "Even when the way goes through Death Valley, I'm not afraid when you walk at my side." I guess it is true that even at those final moments before we depart this life for another, even through the Valley of Death - no matter how hard life is - it will be easier when we have someone there to be with us (At the time of this writing, my brother-in-law's mother has just passed and she lived such a full life). And not one can promise that the way of life is easy, but there is Strength that sustains - we just need to reach out and believe.

Julia is one such person. Heaven sent - I have no doubt, for she and her husband Alex have become to me what I have known to call as "Seraphim of Life." And it just so happened that today, Sunday 1/11, is Julia's day to celebrate life. It is the day to remember her birth into this world.

So this post is dedicated especially to Julia:

"May your life continue
to be filled with joy and adventure,
May your heart be filled
with warmth as you bring light unto other,
May your spirit be bright
as cheers and blessings overflow from Forever,
May your Alex and you be found in each other
as you spend your lives together."

с днем рождения! Спасибо за отправку вашего света.



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